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MSM – Measuring Module
  • Auto Setting for Gasoline, Diesel Engine
  • 4CH Oscilloscope (10M Sampling Rate)
  • CAN Waveform Analysis
  • Meter Function
  • Simulator Function (Actuator Driving, Voltage Outpput,
    Frequency Output)

Part List
A99910512A MSM (Measuring System Module) view
A99910612A Rubber Boots  
A99910522A Ignition secondary pickup view
A99910532A Scope cable set view
A99910542A USB cable view
A99910632A Rechargeable battery (built-in)  
A99910552A T-connector (Air Bag) view
A99910572A T-connector (B-6P) view
A99910562A T-connector (Throttle Body) view
A99910582A T-connector (Wheel Speed-C) view
A99910592A T-connector (Wheel Speed-E) view
A99910622A CAN PROBE view
A99910602A Dummy resistance (2Ω)  
PART NO. Item Description
  DLI pickup  
  Trigger pickup  
  Big current pickup  
  Small current pickup  
  Temperature pickup  
  Pressure measure pickup  
Input power 7.2V ~ 37.2V
Input power 800mA at 12V
Internal clock 16.9344MHz (111MHz operation after Internal Over Clocking)
Built-in memory (SRAM) 64M byte
Built-in memory (FLASH) 64M Kbyte
USB Ver 1.1
Battery performance Li-ion Polymer 7.4V 4200mA (2S 2P)
Compatible protocols -
Wireless LAN -
SCOPE CHANNEL 4CH BNC port supported
Max. input voltage of Scope ± 500V
Software and Support
DSM has the following features
- DSM can diagnose all types of Ssangyong cars for error (except some types of cars).
Supports OBD-I ,OBD-II protocols: OBD-II (ISO 9141-2), OBD-II (SAE-J1850), KWP-2000, CAN and SAE J1587.
- DSM helps you diagnose cars for errors and find service data. Using the sensor and switches
installed in the car, you can perform diagnosis, save sensor data, and load the data you have saved.
- DSM provides automatic scanning for actuators. Using the scanner, you can run or stop the actuator and switches in a car by force to check if the device is normal.
- The Diagnosis Guide that came with the system provides a quick reference while you are working on a car.
- As a laptop PC is used in diagnosing, you can save data without storage limit and can easily update the diagnosis program via Internet.
- Wireless LAN communication provides easier and quicker error checking of the car. In addition, in the place where wireless communication is unavailable, you can get connected using the USB port.
- The diagnosis program can be updated online any time you want.